Y6 into 7 Open Evening
Sixth Form Open Evening
Students and facilities at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Ethos & Values

William Brookes School assembly

School Aims

5 key transformational themes are woven through the body of the educational principles that inform the vision for our pathfinder school:


Grounded in the historic legacy of William Penny Brookes and the founding work of Coubertin, Olympism draws on the pursuit of personal excellence.

Innovative teaching, personalised learning and achievement

A sustained focus on innovative teaching and learning, harnessing the benefits of the new technologies, developing the practice of the school workforce and providing opportunities via learning pathways, for all to progress and achieve in an outstanding school.

Social and emotional health and well-being

Active pursuit of the 5 outcomes of ‘Every Child Matters’, allied to the fundamental principles enshrined in the Olympian ideal of a ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’.


At the heart of the everyday practice, to meet the needs of students and the community, to provide breadth of access to the curriculum and to exploit the benefits of e learning, thereby encouraging the further development of citizenship and personal development.

Extended community partnerships

An extension of the foundation of success, partnership working will strengthen relationships with and between all the communities served by the school, through opportunities in learning, sport, arts and culture.

Arts College Aims

  • To extend curriculum opportunities in the performing arts subjects, including cultural, creative expressive and technological enrichment
  • To increase take-up of, and interest in, the performing arts subject courses, particularly post-16
  • To work in partnership with a wide range of school, business and community groups in the William Brookes School community and with Shropshire Council and community arts groups to provide an increased number and range of high quality learning opportunities through sharing specialist facilities and resources (including specialist teachers/artists in residence)
  • To develop and disseminate good practice to share with our 8 partner primary schools and the secondary schools in the South East Learning Forum (SELF)

Maths & Computing College Aims

We are committed to developing a visible and distinctive mathematics and computing ethos within the school, communicating this to our local community, including industry and businesses.

  • To create a visible mathematics and computing/ICT ethos that inspires and motivates, raises attainment and improves post-16 participation in the specialist subjects
  • To develop a mathematically and computing/ICT rich curriculum
  • To address the needs of future citizens, as well as those of future mathematics and computing/ICT specialists
  • To develop a rich repertoire of teaching and learning strategies to enrich provision for our own students and those in our partner schools
  • To develop and disseminate resources and good practice to be shared with other schools and the wider community
  • To work with relevant businesses and industries to establish high status vocational courses and workrelated opportunities, to ensure that all students have access to appropriate pathways