Students and facilities at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire


Sixth Form Induction

(Posted on 17/05/19)

William Brookes Sixth Form induction is free to both internal and external students. Book your place now - please see details here Read more...

Year 8 Art Competition

(Posted on 17/05/19)

In Year 8 Art lessons, Mrs Abrahams’ groups have been studying Pop Art, in particular the Artist Claes Oldenberg who has a successful career making huge, oversized public art installations of everyday objects such as a melting ice-cream or a shuttle cock.  Read more here Read more...

Engineering Education Scheme Celebration Day

(Posted on 10/05/19)

Once again four Year 12 students did William Brookes proud as they drew their Engineering Education Scheme experience to a close.  Read more here Read more...

School Closure UPDATE 10/5/19

(Posted on 08/05/19)

Apologies but school will be closed again to students from Y8-10 on Friday 10th May. Only Y13, 12, 11 and 7 will be in school.The reason being that contractors will be on site to begin clean-up operations and a part of the school remains out of use while this takes place. There will be work carried out on site over the weekend to ensure that all of our facilities are ready for use next week. The contractors have confirmed that the school will be... Read more...

School Partially Closed 8/5/19

(Posted on 07/05/19)

Apologies but school will be closed to students from Y8-10 and Y12 tomorrow (08/05/19). Only Y13, 11 and 7 will be in school.The reason being that there has been a small but contained fire at school tonight. The sprinkler system worked to prevent further damage but part of the school will be out of use while the area dries.We will update parents tomorrow when we will know more about how long the rooms will be out of action. Read more...

Home Learning Approach

(Posted on 03/05/19)

Over the last two terms WBS colleagues have been developing a new home learning approach. We would like to invite parents to attend a seminar on Tuesday 7th May at 6pm.  Read more here Read more...