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Message about work set on ClassCharts

(Posted on 02/04/20)

Teachers will continue to set a range of activities on ClassCharts for students to complete at home. Some of this work is research based or projects that allow students to self-assess using success criteria. This type of work relies very much on students and parents engaging with it and using the materials to help learn and judge the quality of that learning for themselves.

We are increasingly moving to ways of working that require students to submit work back to school and teachers or complete tasks such as online quizzes or use of programmes such as Kerboodle that provide instant feedback on learning. This is currently mainly being used with years 12 and 10 but will begin to roll out to other year groups in the coming weeks. When this work is set we see it as compulsory for students to complete this work and, if necessary, submit it by the deadline.

If students fail to complete the work or submit it, teachers will be awarding sanctions via ClassCharts. The sanction will be a 'red dot' entitled 'Shutdown Work' and is designed to indicate that a piece of work has not been completed. This will work in the usual way that ClassCharts operates. Students who repeatedly fail to complete such work will trigger direct communication messages to parents so that they can be aware of our concerns. We hope this will be a useful motivator and communication tool.

We are also encouraging our teachers to award house points (green dots) for submitted work, especially if it is of high quality.

Thanks for your continued support and hard work at home. 

John Connolly

Deputy Head

William Brookes School