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Students and facilities at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire


Boy and girl looking through microscope in science class

Welcome to the Curriculum section of the William Brookes School website. In this section you can find out information about the curriculum we deliver. For example, you can find out about the vocational courses we offer our students at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 with the vocational elements located under offsite learning. If you are looking for information about the curriculum at Key Stage 5, visit our Sixth Form Courses page.

We offer a balanced curriculum at William Brookes and this considers the offer inside and out of the classroom. Our curriculum policy provides full details of the offer inside the classroom, as we challenge students to be successful learners. The school offers academic and some vocational options as we try to provide suitable learning pathways that match the needs and strengths of our students. GCSE and A Level option blocks are designed around student choice, to help motivate and engage students at such important phases of their lives.

We also provide a wider curriculum that places an emphasis on extra-curricular opportunities. Staff give their time freely to offer a wide range of activities including sports, performing arts and curriculum support. This develops health and mental well-being, generating friendships and fostering greater engagement in all elements of school life. Find out more about the clubs and activities on offer.