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Terms & Conditions

1. Premises

i. Areas containing confidential information shall not be used by any outside individuals or bodies for any purpose whatsoever.

ii. Medical inspection rooms and specialist subject areas, e.g. design technology, science, shall only be let to persons with recognised specialist knowledge of those areas, and following a full risk assessment of the letting.

iii. The lessee shall be held responsible for the security of the premises for the full period of the letting, for making good any damage or loss to the school premises, furniture, equipment or material, arising from the lessee’s negligence.

iv. Detailed arrangements for the use of the premises shall be made by the organiser with the Head or authorised representative, including where necessary, arrangements for the erection and dismantling of stages or other apparatus.

v. The meeting or function shall close not later than 10.15pm, Mon-Thurs & 8.45pm Friday, unless special permission has been obtained beforehand from the Head or authorised representative.

vi. School premises shall be left in appropriate order for the commencement of the next school session.

2. Booking

i. The letting form must show the actual period of the letting, to include time for preparation and for cleaning up afterwards. It is essential that the times of entry and departure are strictly observed.

ii. Where abnormal costs are incurred a separate account will be rendered.

iii. In the event of the cancellation of a booking, the refund of fees shall be at the discretion of the school.

iv. The school reserves the right to cancel any letting on one week’s notice subject to repayment of monies already paid, but no other liability shall be attached to the school by virtue of the cancellation.

3. Rules

i. Smoking is not permitted on any part of the campus.

ii. No gambling shall be allowed on school premises.

iii. Sub-letting is forbidden.

iv. The parking of vehicles on the school’s premises, where such provision is available, shall only be permitted on condition that persons bringing such vehicles on to the school premises do so at their own risk, and that they accept responsibility for any damage or injury to the property or any persons, whether connected with the school or not, caused by such vehicles or their presence on the school’s premises.

v. When school premises are let on a regular basis, any abuse of privilege on the part of the hirer(s) may lead to immediate cancellation of the letting.

vi. Aerosols are not permitted within the building.

4. Safety

i. Floors shall not be treated in such a way as to render them dangerous for school purposes. Letting for dances is not generally encouraged.

ii. The Hirer, as the "Temporary Responsible Person" for the duration of the event/function, is responsible for the safety of those present. For any public entertainment the organiser shall be responsible for safe practices, including the prevention of overcrowding such as to endanger public safety and for keeping clear all gangways, passages and exits.

iii. If any portable electrical equipment is to be used, the section (on the letting form) confirming that the equipment has a current test certificate must be completed.

iv. In the case of film shows, only non-inflammable films shall be used, and adequate fire extinguishers shall be provided by the organisers.

v. Annual entertainment licences granted by the local licensing authority will require proof of inspection of electrical safety systems, such as fire alarms, in relation to the area to be let.

5. Fire safety

As the "hirer" of the premises, in respect of fire safety you are considered to be a "temporary responsible person" under a duty imposed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and are therefore responsible for the fire safety of the premises and the safety of all relevant persons, and liable in respect of any offence(s) under the Order committed as a consequence of your actions/inactions during the period of hire. This does not remove any responsibilities or liabilities from the William Brookes School, as Principle Responsible Person, to have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the premises are provided with adequate fire safety arrangements that are suitable and sufficient for the proposed use as set out in the hire agreement.

i. A fire will be detected by either smoke or heat and an alarm sounded which will automatically alert the Fire Service.

ii. On hearing the alarm, ensure everyone exits the building by the nearest exit and assemble at point B, up the path towards the pedestrian gate.

iii. Once at the Assembly point the temporary responsible person initiates roll call (as far is practical).

iv. Await further instruction from the Campus Team.

v. DO NOT re-enter the building until instructed to do so by either the Campus Team or Fire Service.

6. Licences

i. The organisers shall be responsible for obtaining any licences or consents required for the purpose of the letting and copies forwarded to the school prior to the event including:
a. liquor licences
b. entertainment licences - see 4.5 above
c. copyright licences
d. licences for performances by children (Children and Young Persons Act 1933)

ii. Additional safety requirements required as per licences shall be adhered too, including nominated safety assistants, and fire marshals.

iii. Where organisers wish to serve alcoholic drinks they shall first obtain the permission of the Head or authorised representative.

7. General

The lessees shall be held responsible for any claims for personal injury except where this is due to negligence by Shropshire Council, William Brookes Academy Trust or any of its employees.

8. Campus team

i. The Head or authorised representative will instruct the campus member as to the use of the premises, and the campus member will be responsible for opening rooms and for locking up the school after letting is over.

ii. The erection or dismantling of stages, except where required for school functions, is not regarded as within the normal duties of a school campus team. Arrangements should be made with the school when booking.

iii. No payment for the campus member’s services may be made direct to the caretaker by persons using the premises.

iv. Should an emergency situation arise, including the need for First Aid treatment, the Hirer must inform a member of the Campus Management Team as soon as possible.

v. A copy of all adopted Health, Safety and Fire Documents are available on request.

9. Third party hirers’ liability insurance

One of the conditions of the lettings policy is that the hirer must have Public Liability insurance with cover of at least £2 million. Some hirers will not have the benefit of insurance cover but rather than the school lose the income, our insurers are able to offer a Third Party Hirer’s Liability extension which will provide hirers with the required £2 million cover.

There are conditions attached to the Third Party Hirers Policy. The hirer must not be:

  • A political or commercial group or organisation
  • Professional Entertainer/s

There will be many organisations that will of course have their own insurance and the conditions above will not apply to them. For these hirers, the school must keep a copy of their current insurance with the lettings form.

If portable electrical equipment is to be used

The Council has a responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act to establish that any equipment brought onto Shropshire Council property is safe for use. It is essential that electrical equipment is tested periodically by an approved registered electrical contractor. Confirmation is required before a letting is approved that any equipment to be used is tested and safe. Contractors must be members of National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting or the Electrical Contractors Association. Guidance on testing procedures are set out in HSG 107 (2004) available from the Health and Safety Executive. I certify that the electrical equipment to be used on Shropshire Council premises has been tested recently by a registered contractor and has been passed as safe for use.

If music is to be performed or relayed

I hereby acknowledge that, as the hirer of the above premises on the date and for the purposes indicated, I am responsible for the making of all arrangements with the Performing Rights Society Limited and also, if music is relayed, with the Phonographic Performance Limited for obtaining licences and for paying royalties in respect of works performed, and I hereby undertake to indemnify Shropshire Council against any actions or claims in respect thereof.

All users

  • I declare that I have studied the conditions laid down in connection with this form and guarantee that they will be observed.
  • I have provided proof of the required insurance cover or arranged separate cover with the school.
  • Cancellation must be made in writing within 7 days of the booking or full fee will be charged.
  • I understand that by submitting the form that I am committing to making full payment for the booking within 2 weeks of receipt of invoice and the cost of making good any damage or loss which may have been done to the school buildings or furniture or other property of the Local Authority during, or as a consequence of the proposed occupation.