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Accelerated Reader

At its heart, Accelerated Reader is simple...

A student reads a book, takes an online quiz, and gets immediate feedback. Students respond to regular feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills.

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Reasons for using Accelerated Reader

Most secondary school text books have a reading age of 9.6+ and GCSE exam papers require a reading age of 15+

A recent BBC report found that many teenagers had difficulty reading GCSE exam papers.

Independent Charity and Advisor to Government ‘The National Literacy Trust’ Published a Report and found that:

Boys who use Accelerated Reader are more likely to:

  • Enjoy reading, agree that reading is cool
  • Read more actual books in a typical month

Girls who use Accelerated Reader are more likely to:

  • Enjoy reading, see themselves as readers
  • Read outside class at least once a week

How to be successful with Accelerated Reader

When you complete your STAR reading test it will generate a reading age and a ZPD range. You should select books within this ZPD range to read, starting with the lowest and gradually increasing your book level throughout the year. To check you are making progress with your reading skills you should take a quiz after the completion of every book. Quizzes can be taken on computers, laptops, tablets, and through the AR Student App for Apple iOS® devices.

Accelerated Reader can be downloaded as an App from iTunes for free. Students can use code WBS-11MY to access the WBS site and then their user name and password to log in. This will allow them to; check progress, choose books and quiz on an iPad or iPhone.

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Accelerated Reader Rewards

Courtesy, Endeavour, Enterprise

As part of the House Awards system we want to celebrate your success with reading. As a school we pride ourselves in challenging you to be the best you can be’.

There are 3 reward areas:

Individual award

An individual certificate is issued to each student. This certification will specify what level books you need to read and successfully pass a quiz at 80% or above. When you have achieved your bronze certification you will get a prize and a sliver level certification will be set, and from this a Gold. After achieving Gold you will then become an ‘Honour student!’

Prizes range from luxury stationary, badges, amazon vouchers and many more!

AR House award

Each House goes head to head to read and accumulate the most AR points termly. The overall winning House will be awarded the AR trophy at the end of the summer term.

The overall tutor group across the school, termly, will win a pizza delivery for their tutor group.

On a termly basis the top performing Male and Female student in each House will also win an Amazon voucher.

House award

Student’s success in AR also contributes to the House points competition, whereby students are awarded a House point for successfully quizzing which contribute to the termly House competition.

An additional award has also recently been introduced for those real high flyers! Please see ‘How to become an honour student’

How to be an honour reader

Honours Reader is a special type of reader certification. To earn Honours Reader, the student must:

  • Independently read books from this list of challenging literature
  • Accumulate 100 points from the books that were read
  • Meet the minimum scoring requirement of 90%
  • Complete all tests including vocabulary and literacy tests

On completion, a TOPS report should be printed and submitted.

PDF icon Download Honor Reading List