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Although we are an academy we have taken the decision for our admissions policy to be operated by Shropshire Council; they are the admissions authority for all community and controlled schools within Shropshire. A copy of Shropshire Council’s ‘Parents Guide to Education in Shropshire’ can be found on the Council website.

William Brookes School has a total intake number in year 7 of 162 students.

Parents of Year 6 children living within Shropshire are required to complete an LEA application form stating the preference of their desired secondary school; parents can select up to three schools. This process normally takes place in the Autumn term prior to the school year of transfer. Allocation letter are normally sent out around March.

If there are more applications than places available at the school then a priority is normally given as follows:

  1. Looked after children and children with special educational needs
  2. Children living within the defined catchment area
  3. Children living outside the defined catchment area

Further details can be found on the Council website.

Parents who live outside the defined catchment area may apply for a place at William Brookes School, but must do so through their own Local Authority and state William Brookes School as one of their preferences. The decision will be made by Shropshire Council Admission Team.

William Brookes School holds an annual open evening; this is usually in the first part of the Autumn term. Check our Calendar for details.

We are happy to receive requests for individual tours of the school. You may request a tour by contacting the main school reception on 01952 728900. We will then arrange a mutually convenient time. If you intend on bringing your child to this you should make prior arrangements with the head of your primary school.

Mid Term Transfers

If you wish your child to transfer to William Brookes School during the academic year then a Mid Term Transfer form needs to be completed and submitted to Mrs J Birt, School Registrar, William Brookes School.

Forms and guidance notes can be found on the Council website.


Transition from primary school to secondary can be an anxious time for everyone. Therefore we try to make sure that the whole process is as smooth and relaxed as possible. We endeavor to have as much information about our new young people as possible before they come to us in September.

During year 6 a member of the leadership team will come to visit students in their primary school. They will generally bring some past students (transition mentors) from the same primary school who transferred the previous year. The Transition mentors will then be able to talk to year 6 pupils about the transition process and answer any questions that may arise about the transition process and starting secondary school.

Furthermore, all primary schools are asked to complete a data gathering exercise; this will give us a complete picture of each young person for when they begin at William Brookes School.

Further visits will be arranged by a member of the academic support team for any young person that requires extra educational support. They will visit the primary school to gain more in depth information about learning needs.

At this point extra visits can be arranged for young people who may suffer from any anxiety issues and need more time to familiarise themselves with William Brookes School.

For those students with an educational statement, a member of the academic support team will be present at the annual review process during year 6 so that she can meet the students and parents and help to prepare appropriately for their needs. A member of the student support team will also be available to attend any EHAF or CAF/Meetings.

In July of year 6, students will be invited up for a sample day of taster lessons, lunchtime and orientation exercises where they will get the chance to meet other students who will be transferring with them.

Parents of year 6 pupils will be invited to a parent’s information evening during this week where they will have the chance to meet with their child’s tutor, view the tutor group lists and be given information about the school and what to expect.

We would be pleased to hear from any parent of a year 6 child who may have some questions or concerns about the process, your call will be forwarded to the appropriate person if you contact the school reception.