Students and facilities at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Rewards & Sanctions

School children at William Brookes School with Headteacher


It is important to recognise and reward the hard work of our students and give a visible reinforcement that working hard brings good things in life. It is also important to share a child’s success with their parents or carers and develop a sense of belonging and shared responsibility, which at WBS can easily be delivered through the House system.

House Points

The main way that we will reward our students is through the use of ‘House Points’. Students are awarded House points for good work etc. These are awarded by class teachers using ‘Class Charts’, with each category being worth one House Point.

House Points criteria

  1. Preparedness for work = being properly equipped, completing homework
  2. Attitude to learning = being positive and working hard
  3. Desire to improve = taking on board advice and getting better
  4. Independence = working without teacher support
  5. Literacy = tasks related to this
  6. Accelerated Reader = for completing aspects of the AR program (tests, new books)
  7. Coubertin = actions in line with the ‘Coubertin’ principles and any rewards that do not fall into other categories
  8. Extra-Curricular = non-lesson based activities
  9. Head’s Commendation = 5 points awarded for this category
  10. Postcard home = 3 points for this category

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