Students and facilities at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire


Ofsted inspected our school on 07-08 February 2017, and you will find a copy of the report via the link below.

Whilst the inspectors recognised that we have achieved significant improvements in teaching and student outcomes - now rating both as Good - they have also identified concerns around safeguarding. As safeguarding is an overriding judgment, our school has been placed in special measures, which means that we are working very closely with the Regional Schools Commissioner, Ofsted and the Shropshire Local Authority safeguarding team to make immediate improvements.

We accept the findings of Ofsted’s report. Safeguarding is the absolute priority at William Brookes School, and our action plan is already well underway to address the areas highlighted by Ofsted.

On 17 February, Shropshire Local Authority safeguarding team carried out a further review at Ofsted’s request, to assess the urgent actions undertaken in the nine days since Ofsted’s inspection. They found that "the policies and procedures concerning safeguarding that were identified in the review are secure," and that "children are safe when they are in school". These findings are reassuring, but we are not complacent and know that there is more work to do on all aspects of the report.


PDF icon Ofsted Report 2017