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Exam Results

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2021 Results

  • 78% of students gained grades 9-4 in English & Maths
  • Attainment 8 score of 5.17

William Brookes school is pleased to report on the wonderful achievements by its students in their GCSE qualifications this summer.

Headteacher Geoff Renwick said: "The year group have dealt incredibly well with the challenges of the last 18 months. They have stayed focused on the tasks provided, adapted well to the varying circumstances that were presented and rose to the challenges of the last few months. It was lovely to celebrate their time at WBS with both a Prom in late July and now a well-deserved set of results. We are very proud of what they and the staff have achieved together."

Assistant Headteacher, Jo Caldwell said "There have been some stunning achievements across the cohort, with Katie Martin, Hannah Insley, Cerys Bennison, Amy Wood and Rose Green achieving 27 grade 9’s and 17 grade 8’s between them. In terms of progress during their time at school, Josh Kirkham, Harriet McPhee and Penny Gough were our top performers achieving grades well above their predictions. These results truly reflect the consistent hard work that students showed and the additional help and support of their subject staff."

Chair of Governors, Catherine Connery, said "This year group have been affected so much, so to see and hear of their achievements is really pleasing. I wish the students well in the next stage of their lives and we look forward to welcoming many of them back in September to study in our Sixth Form. I'd like to thank all the staff at the school for their dedication and hard work and to pay tribute to the parents and families who have supported their students in these fantastic achievements"

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2018 2019 2020 2021
Number of pupils 151 155 159 157
Attainment 8 4.72 4.71 5.14 5.17
Progress 8 0.05 -0.05 0.15 -
5+ in English and Maths 41% 40% 48% 50%
4+ in English and Maths 64% 71% 74% 78%
% of students entering the EBACC 51% 47% 47% 52%
EBACC APS 4.18 4.13 4.57 4.62

Pupil destinations - percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4

Year % of students in sustained employment, education and apprenticeships
2016 94%
2017 95%
2018 95%

The Education Department release all School and College performance tables - view more information about our school.

Sixth Form

2021 Results

  • 56% were grades B or above
  • 80% were grades C or above
  • 100% of all exams were passed at A*-E
  • William Brookes School is one of the top performing Sixth Forms in the county

William Brookes Sixth Form is pleased to report some outstanding achievements by its students in their qualifications this summer.

Claire Mincher, who leads on the Sixth form said that so many of our students have shown the resilience and effort over the two years to produce some outstanding results. Rowan Hickey secured her place to study English Literature at Oxford with 3 A*’s and the EPQ. Kiara Kearney achieved 4 A*’s and will be studying Maths at Aberystwyth. Three students: Kian Horton; Owen Jameson and Alex Barratt all achieved three A*/A grades. Five students gained, on average, one grade above their target result in every exam, which is an outstanding testament to their approach across the whole course. This year has seen students be successful in achieving high quality apprenticeships as well as a diverse range of university courses, thanks to the careers guidance and application support provided.

Headteacher Geoff Renwick said: "We are immensely proud of all the hard work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted year. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto further education and study, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future".

Chair of Governors, Catherine Connery, said "I would like to thank all staff for their role in the awarding of the examination grades this summer. I would particularly like to mention the Sixth Form and Leadership team who have overseen this complex process whilst supporting our students through this challenging situation."

This year, following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, against a national standard, approved and awarded by the exam boards. The government is not publishing performance data for any schools or colleges this year due to the varying impact of the pandemic.

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A*-A A*-B A*-C A*-D A*-E U APS VA
2018 16% 40% 70% 85% 97% 3% 29.2 -0.1
2019 10% 39% 68% 87% 98% 2% 30.3 -0.2
2020 26% 53% 79% 94% 100% 0% 36.6 0.2
2021 26% 56% 80% 90% 100% 0% 36.0 0.4

Pupil destinations - percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 5

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Year Cohort size % of students in sustained education and employment Higher education Apprenticeship Other - paid work
2016 55 98% 55% 16% 27%
2017 72 88% 60% 10% 18%
2018 77 91% 60% 10% 21%


Year Number of students completing the A level course
2018 80
2019 52