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Uniform & PE Kit

School uniform is worn by all students and the standard of uniform is high. The wearing of uniform in school ensures that all students are neat and business like in appearance, which in turn affects their attitude to school and to their studies.

Items of school uniform marked ** must be purchased from Bristows Club & School (Bridgnorth) or SR Embroidery (Broseley) and new PE Kits should be purchased from Baker & Sons (Wellington). Some items can be purchased elsewhere, but they must comply with the specified uniform requirements

Our PE kits have been modified, with a phased transition from the old kit by September 2023. If you would like to purchase the new uniform garments to ensure your child is prepared for PE lessons, then they can be purchased from Baker & Son stores now through their website or by attending Baker & Son School wear, 29 New Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1LU.

Alternatively, Bristows will also stock this kit

Shirt/Blouse Plain pale blue, shirt style with collar, not denim and not fitted
Tie House colours - Available directly from school
Sweatshirt ** Navy blue, V-neck sweatshirt with embroidered school logo. NB This is a compulsory item to be worn at all times.
Trousers Plain black of a smart, standard school style. No extreme design - no denim/ combat/jeans/cropped/skinny/leggings/cord. Must reach the ankle
Skirts Skirts - plain black A-line or pencil style. Not Lycra/elasticated material. Must be knee length
Belts Plain black with no extreme designs, to sit on the waist
Socks/tights Plain black, no patterns
Shoes PERMITTED - A standard conventional style in plain black (no motifs, logos or reflective areas)
NOT PERMITTED - Trainers, sports shoes, high heels, platforms, wedges, boots, sandals, backless shoes or any kind of canvas shoes; this includes black trainers and Converse style shoes in either leather or fabric.
Outdoor coat/jacket Plain, dark colour No sports tops, ‘hoodies’, jumpers, cardigans, etc.
PE Kit
KS4 Dual Navy Games Shirt* Different trims available for different houses. Garment can be worn for indoor and outdoor PE lessons.
KS3 Fully Dye Sublimated Long Sleeve Games Shirt * Navy/sky one side and the other sides in house colours. Garment can be worn for indoor and outdoor PE lessons. If students are representing the school in any sport, then this garment can also be worn.
1/4 Zip Performance Top Navy/Sky. Any students who enjoy outdoor PE lessons but like to be warm would be encouraged to own one of these garments. Especially students who undertake sport leadership roles and represent the school.
Over head Hoody
Full Zip Hoody
Skinny Pant Plain navy
Leggings Plain navy
Shorts or skorts* Plain navy
Socks* Plain navy

* These items are compulsory

  • Trainers - should only be worn at school during PE activities and sport activities during social time. Please ensure these are sports trainers and not leisurewear, to protect your child from sports injuries. NB As it is contrary to Health & Safety Regulations for students to be engaged in practical work in any workshop whilst wearing trainers, any student who attends a Design and Technology lesson in trainers will not be permitted to take part in any practical aspect of that lesson.
  • Jewellery - should not be worn, other than a watch, one plain ring and one pair of plain gold or silver stud earrings if ears are pierced. NB only one stud per ear in the lower lobe is allowed. All jewellery/fitbits must be removed before PE
  • Make Up - Subtle make-up is acceptable at KS4, this is natural foundation and includes clear nail varnish.
    • NO makeup is allowed in KS3
    • NO blusher or bronzer, a subtle coat of mascara
    • NO thickly coated eyelashes, false eyelashes, eye shadow, eyeliner or pencilied in eyebrows
    • Staff reserve the right to ask students to remove excess make-up at their discretion
  • Piercings - Only one plain stud per ear, at the bottom of each lobe is allowed. Nose, eyebrow, lip studs/rings or studs down the edge or middle of the ear are not acceptable.
  • Nails - Acrylic nails or nail polish/varnish are not acceptable.
  • Body Art - It is an offence to tattoo a person under 18. Tattoos of any kind, including temporary tattoos, are forbidden.
  • Hair styles - We do not permit shaved heads (grade 3 at shortest), interesting patterns shaved into the hair, unconventional styles or bright/unnatural colours in school. Long hair should be tied back in practical lessons.
  • Coats - In cold weather these are worn travelling to and from school and outside at Lunchtime. They should be a proper coat/jacket styles, of a plain dark colour. Non-uniform sweatshirts, sports tops, ‘hoodies’, etc. are not permitted as alternatives. At all times during the school day only school sweatshirts are allowed. School hoodies are permitted only for Dance.

Any non-uniform items, jewellery, scarves, gloves, hats, belts, etc, seen worn around school will be confiscated. These items can be collected from the member of staff who confiscated the item or the House Leader at the end of the school day. All students have a personal locker in which they can store outdoor clothing (as well as equipment not required in lessons).

Contact details

Bristow Club and Sport
Tel: 01746 761701

Baker & Son School wear
29 New Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1LU
Tel: 01952 641897